I created a bunch of origami diagrams, initially for my own benefit, to prevent me forgetting my favourite models.
However, I thought "why not share the wealth?", so I put them up here.

It should be fairly self-explanatory.
I have, where possible, used standard origami diagramming symbols.

For beginners

If you are new to origami then you will need to learn how to read origami diagrams.

There are standard symbols which are used for diagramming origami all over the world, allowing folders to bypass language barriers as much as possible.
See my summary of how I present these in my diagrams.

There are a number of traditional 'bases' used in origami: simple folded forms used as starting points for many models.
Some of my diagrams rely on knowledge of these. I will diagram them soon, but until then they can be found all over the internet.

About the models

The joy of origami for me is in its portability: folding leaflets in pubs, till receipts on buses, etc.
For this reason, I tend to dislike models which are either too complex to remember or which require special paper.
Therefore all the models diagrammed here will work fine with most papers you'll find around the place, although some do benefit from the dual colours of origami paper.

Experienced folders will find these models pretty straightforward; most are suitable for beginners.

About the diagrams

If you're interested, I make these diagrams by first digitally photographing each step in the folding, and then using a graphics program capable of layers (Paint Shop Pro 8 in my case) to trace over the photos.
Once traced over, coloured and with fold instructions added, the photograph layer is removed, and the various steps are brought together and numbered.


All comments/questions/suggestions etc. welcome, or just say hello to me: please use the box below to send me a message. If you'd like a reply then leave your email address, or let me know how else I can contact you.

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Small Print

The husky and scorpion models were designed by me.
I do not claim ownership of any of the other model designs here.
If you own any of the designs here and are unhappy with me presenting the diagrams then please email me.

The diagrams are entirely my own work.
Feel free to make use of them personally in any way. Pass them on by all means but please leave them unaltered and credit me.

Thanks to island for lending me the webspace.


Numbers in brackets indicate how many pages there are. For the models, this can be taken as an approximate measure of complexity.


Basics (3)

A guide to origami symbols and basic folds, for complete beginners


Boat (1)



Crane (1)

The most famous traditional origami model; a symbol of peace


Dove (2)



Dragon (3)



Fish (2)


flapping bird

Flapping Bird (1)

Interactive origami!


Heart (1)



Husky (2)

My own design


Lily (1)



Paloma (1)



Parrot (2)



Penguin (1)



Scorpion (3)

My own design


Seahorse (1)



Seal (1)



Snail (3)

Purists beware: this is made from a rectangle rather than a square


Tulip (2)

Made in two parts

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